Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

Security issues that affect the FreeBSD operating system or applications in the FreeBSD Ports Collection are documented using the Vulnerabilities and Exposures Markup Language (VuXML). The current VuXML document that serves as the source for the content of this site can be found:

Please report security issues to the FreeBSD Security Team at . Full contact details, including information handling policies and PGP key, can be found on the FreeBSD Security page.

package name index

Package names
3proxy jdk poppler
a2ps-a4 jenkins portaudit
a2ps-letter jenkins-lts portupgrade
a2ps-letterdj jetty portupgrade-devel
abiword jftpgw postfix
acroread joomla postfix-base
acroread4 joomla15 postfix-current
acroread5 joomla2 postfix-current-base
acroread7 joomla3 postfix-policyd-weight
acroread9 jp-openoffice postfixadmin
agenda-snow-libs jruby postgresql
alsaplayer junkbuster postgresql-client
amarok junkbuster-zlib postgresql-contrib
amaya kaffeine postgresql-devel
ampache kdebase postgresql-server
anubis kdebase-runtime postnuke
ap20-mod_pubcookie kdebase-workspace pound
ap22-mod_fcgid kdebase3 poweradmin
ap24-mod_fcgid kdeedu powerdns
apache kdegraphics powerdns-devel
apache+ipv6 kdelibs powerdns-recursor
apache+mod_perl kdelibs-nocups ppxp
apache+mod_ssl kdenetwork proftpd
apache+mod_ssl+ipv6 kdepim proftpd-devel
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel kdeutils proftpd-mysql
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+ipv6 kdewebdev proxytunnel
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+mod_deflate ko-gaim prozilla
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+mod_deflate+ipv6 ko-helvis pt-openoffice
apache+mod_ssl+mod_deflate ko-netscape-communicator-linux pt_BR-netscape7
apache+mod_ssl+mod_deflate+ipv6 ko-netscape-navigator-linux pt_BR-openoffice
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp ko-openoffice pubcookie-login-server
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel ko-unzip punbb
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel+ipv6 koffice puppet
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel+mod_deflate+ipv6 koffice-kde4 puppet26
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_deflate konversation puppet27
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_deflate+ipv6 kpopup pure-ftpd
apache+ssl kr-openoffice putty
apache-event krb5 pwlib
apache-itk krb5-appl py-django-cms
apache-peruser krb5-beta py-libcloud
apache-tomcat kronolith py-pycrypto
apache-worker ktorrent py-subversion
apache-xml-security-c ktorrent-devel py23-django
apache13+ipv6 kvirc py23-django-devel
apache13-modperl kvirc-devel py24-django
apache13-modssl lbreakout2 py24-django-devel
apache13-ssl lcms2 py24-pylons
apache2 ldapscripts py25-django
apache22 leafnode py25-django-devel
apache22-event-mpm lesstif py26-django
apache22-itk-mpm lftp py26-django-devel
apache22-peruser-mpm lha py26-django14
apache22-worker-mpm libarchive py26-django15
apache24 libaudiofile py26-graphite-web
apache_fp libcdaudio py26-pycrypto
apr libdmx py27-django
apr0 libexif py27-django-devel
apr1 libFS py27-django14
ar-openoffice libgcrypt py27-django15
asterisk libGL py27-graphite-web
asterisk-bristuff libjpeg-turbo py27-pycrypto
asterisk10 libmcrypt py30-django
asterisk11 libmms py30-django-devel
asterisk14 libmspack py31-django
asterisk16 libmusicbrainz py31-django-devel
asterisk18 libotr py31-django14
automake libpurple py31-django15
avahi libsndfile py31-graphite-web
avahi-app libsoup py31-pycrypto
avahi-autoipd libspf2 py32-django
avahi-gtk libtasn1 py32-django14
avahi-libdns libtomcrypt py32-django15
avahi-qt3 libtool py32-graphite-web
avahi-qt4 libvorbis py32-pycrypto
avahi-sharp libwmf py33-django
awstats libX11 py33-django14
awstats-devel libxcb py33-django15
axel libXcursor py33-graphite-web
b2evolution libXext py33-pycrypto
bacula libxfce4gui py34-django
base libXfixes py34-django14
bidwatcher libXfont py34-django15
bind libXi pyblosxom
bind84 libxine pypy
bind9 libXinerama python
bind9-sdb-ldap libxml python+ipv6
bind9-sdb-postgresql libxml2 python23
bind96 libXp python24
bind96-base libXpm python25
bind97 libXrandr python26
bind97-base libXrender python27
bind98 libXres python31
bind98-base libXt python32
bind99 libXtst python33
bind99-base libxul qemu
bip libXv qemu-devel
BitchX libXvMC qpopper
bitcoin libXxf86dga qt
bitlbee libXxf86vm qt-copy
bld libyaml qt4-imageformats
bmon libzrtpcpp qt4-xml
bnc lifetype qt5-gui
bogofilter lightning quagga
bogofilter-qdbm lighttpd quagga-re
bogofilter-sqlite linux-blackdown-jdk quake2forge
bogofilter-tc linux-curl quake2lnx
bogofilter-tdb linux-f10-curl quassel
bugzilla linux-f10-dbus-glib racoon
bugzilla40 linux-f10-expat raptor
bugzilla42 linux-f10-flashplugin raptor2
bugzilla44 linux-f10-gnutls rar
bzip2 linux-f10-libaudiofile razor-agents
c-ares linux-f10-libgcrypt redis
ca-openoffice linux-f10-libxml2 redmine
ca_root_nss linux-f10-nas-libs rekonq
cabextract linux-f10-nss rinetd
cacti linux-f10-openldap ripmime
calligra linux-f10-openssl rkhunter
caml-light linux-f10-pango rockdodger
cdf3 linux-f10-png roundcube
cdrdao linux-f10-tiff rsnapshot
centericq linux-f8-flashplugin rssh
cfengine linux-f8-pango rsync
cfengine2 linux-firefox rt
cfs linux-firefox-devel rt36
cgiwrap linux-flashplugin rt38
charybdis linux-flashplugin6 rt40
chasen linux-flashplugin7 rt42
chasen-base linux-flock ru-apache
chromium linux-gdk-pixbuf ru-apache+mod_ssl
citadel linux-ibm-jdk ru-apache-1.3
clamav linux-jdk ru-bogofilter
clamav-devel linux-mozilla ru-bugzilla
claws-mail linux-mozilla-devel ru-gaim
codeigniter linux-mozillafirebird ru-linux-mozillafirebird
compat5x-alpha linux-netscape ru-openoffice
compat5x-amd64 linux-netscape-communicator ru-wordpress
compat5x-i386 linux-netscape-navigator ruby
compat5x-sparc64 linux-openmotif ruby+nopthreads
coppermine linux-opera ruby+nopthreads+oniguruma
corkscrew linux-opera-devel ruby+oniguruma
couchdb linux-pango ruby+pthreads
courier linux-phoenix ruby+pthreads+oniguruma
courier-authlib linux-png ruby-1.7.0
courier-imap linux-realplayer ruby18
crossfire-server linux-seamonkey ruby19
cs-openoffice linux-seamonkey-devel ruby19-gems
cscope linux-shoutcast ruby20
ctorrent linux-sun-jdk ruby20-gems
cups-base linux-sun-jre ruby_r
cups-lpr linux-thunderbird ruby_static
curl linux-tiff rubygem-actionmailer
cvs+ipv6 linux-unace rubygem-actionpack
cyrus linux_base rubygem-actionpack4
cyrus-imapd linux_base-suse rubygem-activemodel
cyrus-imspd liveMedia rubygem-activerecord
cyrus-sasl lsh rubygem-activeresource
dante lukemftpd rubygem-activesupport
DarwinStreamingServer lxr rubygem-activesupport4
dbus lynx rubygem-mail
dbus-glib lynx-ssl rubygem-passenger
de-bugzilla lzo2 rubygem-rack
de-linux-mozillafirebird mahara rubygem-rails
de-linux-netscape mail-notification rubygem-railties
de-netscape7 mailman rubygem18-activemodel
de-openoffice mailman-with-htdig rubygem18-dragonfly
de-wordpress mambo rubygem18-json
dia mantis rubygem18-json_pure
dia-gnome maradns rubygem18-rack
diablo-jdk mariadb-server rubygem18-rdoc
diablo-jdk-freebsd6 mathopd rubygem18-ruby_parser
diablo-jre mc rubygem19-activemodel
dillo mcollective rubygem19-dragonfly
dircproxy mcweject rubygem19-json
dircproxy-devel mDNSResponder rubygem19-json_pure
distcc mediawiki rubygem19-rack
django memcached rubygem19-rdoc
django13 mencoder rubygem19-ruby_parser
dk-openoffice metamail rubygem20-dragonfly
dnrd mgetty+sendfax rubygem20-ruby_parser
dnsmasq milter-bogom rxvt-unicode
dojo mingw32-libyaml samba
dokuwiki mingw32-openssl samba3
dokuwiki-devel mkbold-mkitalic samba32-devel
dovecot mksh samba34
dovecot-managesieve mnemo samba35
dropbear mnogosearch samba36
drupal mod_access_referer samba4
drupal-pubcookie mod_dav samba41
drupal4 mod_dosevasive20 scponly
drupal5 mod_frontpage13 screen
drupal6 mod_frontpage20 sdl_image
drupal6-cck mod_frontpage21 se-openoffice
drupal6-views mod_frontpage22 seamonkey
drupal7 mod_jk sendmail
dtc mod_jk-ap2 serendipity
e107 mod_pagespeed serendipity-devel
e2fsprogs mod_perl setiathome
ecartis mod_perl2 sge
eggdrop mod_php sgeee
egroupware mod_php4 sharutils
eGroupWare mod_php4-twig shoutcast
ejabberd mod_php5 shtool
el-linux-mozillafirebird mod_pubcookie sieve-connect
el-openoffice mod_python silc-client
elinks mod_security silc-irssi-client
elm mohawk silc-server
emacs moinmoin silc-toolkit
emil monitorix sircd
enscript-a4 monkey sitecopy
enscript-letter mono sk-openoffice
enscript-letterdj monotone skype
eperl moodle sl-openoffice-SI
epiphany movemail sl-openoffice-SL
erlang mozilla slim
es-openoffice mozilla+ipv6 smbftpd
et-openoffice mozilla-embedded snort
ethereal mozilla-firebird socat
ethereal-lite mozilla-gtk sox
ettercap mozilla-gtk1 spamass-milter
evince mozilla-gtk2 spamdyke
evolution mozilla-thunderbird sql-ledger
evolution-data-server mpack squid
exim mpg123 squidclamav
exim-ldap mpg123-esound squidGuard
exim-ldap2 mpg123-nas squirrelmail
exim-mysql mplayer squirrelmail-multilogin-plugin
exim-postgresql mplayer-esound sqwebmail
exim-sa-exim mplayer-gtk ssh2
expat2 mplayer-gtk-esound ssh2-nox11
extman mplayer-gtk2 SSLtelnet
eyeOS mplayer-gtk2-esound streamripper
ez-ipupdate MT strongswan
ezbounce mt-daapd stunnel
f2c mule-common subversion
faad2 mumble subversion-freebsd
fcron mupad subversion-perl
fetchmail mupdf subversion-python
ffmpeg mutt subversion16
ffmpeg-devel mutt-devel subversion17
fi-openoffice mutt-devel-lite subversion18
fidogate mutt-lite sudo
fidogate-ds mutt-ng sudoscript
file mybb sudosh2
finch mysql-client sudosh3
findutils mysql-scripts sup
firebird-server mysql-server suphp
firebird21-server nag surf
firebird25-server nagios swfdec
firefox nagios-devel sylpheed
firefox-esr nagios-plugins sylpheed-claws
firefox-ja nagios2 sylpheed-gtk2
flac named sylpheed2
flac123 nap sympa
flock nas syslog-ng
flyspray nbd-server syslog-ng2
foswiki nbsmtp tarsnap
fr-cups-base neon tcpdump
fr-cups-lpr neon28 tdiary
fr-linux-netscape net-snmp tdiary-devel
fr-netscape7 netatalk teamspeak_server
fr-openoffice netpbm telepathy-gabble
fractorama netscape-communicator teTeX-base
freeamp netscape-navigator tethereal
FreeBSD netscape7 tethereal-lite
freeciv newsfetch thunderbird
freeciv-gtk newsgrab tiff
freeciv-gtk2 newspost tikiwik
freeciv-nox11 nfsen tikiwiki
freeradius nginx tin
freeradius-devel nginx-devel tinc
freeradius-mysql ngircd tinyproxy
freetype2 nl-openoffice tk
frontpage node tk-threads
fspd node-devel tkdiff
fsplib nsd tla
fswiki nsd2 tnftp
fuser nspr tnftpd
fwbuilder nss tomcat
gaim nss-pam-ldapd tomcat6
gallery ntp tomcat7
gallery2 nut tomcat8
gallery3 nvidia-driver tor
ganglia-monitor-core nwclient tor-devel
ganglia-monitor-webfrontend oftpd torcs
ganglia-webfrontend oops torrentflux
gatekeeper open-motif tptest
gd open-motif-devel tr-openoffice
gdal openafs trac
gdk-pixbuf opendchub trafficserver
gdm opendkim trojita
gedit openfire tshark
geeklog openh323 tshark-lite
getmail openjdk turba
gforge openjdk7 twiki
gftp openjpeg typespeed
ghostscript-afpl openldap-sasl-server typo3
ghostscript-afpl-nox11 openldap-server uk-gd
ghostscript-gnu openldap24-client unace
ghostscript-gnu-nox11 openoffice unarj
ghostscript-gpl unbound
ghostscript-gpl-nox11 unrar
ghostscript8 unrtf
ghostscript8-nox11 unzip
giFT-FastTrack opensaml2 unzoo
git openssh up-imapproxy
gitolite openssh-portable upnp
gld openssh-portable-base urban
globus openssl usermin
glpi openssl-beta uudeview
gnats openssl-beta-overwrite-base uulib
gnome-screensaver openssl-overwrite-base v8
gnomevfs openttd varnish
gnomevfs2 openvpn verlihub
gnu-finger openvpn-devel viewcvs
gnu-radius openwebmail viewvc
gnupg openx vim
gnupg1 opera vim+ruby
gnutls opera-devel vim-gnome
gnutls-devel optipng vim-gtk2
gnutls3 otrs vim-lite
golddig owncloud vim-ruby
google-earth p5-Archive-Zip vim6
gpdf p5-Config-IniFiles vim6+ruby
gr-openoffice p5-Crypt-OpenPGP vim6-ruby
GraphicsMagick p5-DBI vinagre
GraphicsMagick-nox11 p5-DBI-137 virtualbox
greed p5-Email-Address-List virtualbox-ose
grip p5-File-Path vlc
gstreamer-ffmpeg p5-HTML-Parser vlc-devel
gstreamer-plugins-good p5-Imager vnc
gtar p5-libwww vorbis-tools
gtetrinet p5-Mail-SpamAssassin vte
gtk p5-Net-DNS vtiger
gzip p5-RT-Authen-ExternalAuth w3m
habari p5-subversion w3m-img
hafiye pam_ldap w3m-m17n
hanemacs pam_smb w3m-m17n-img
haproxy pango WebCalendar
hashcash paraview WebCalendar-devel
heartbeat pavuk webkit-gtk2
heimdal pcal webmin
helvis pcre websvn
hiawatha pcre-utf8 weechat
hlstats pdfjam weechat-devel
horde pdflib weex
horde-base pdflib-perl wemux
horde-devel pdftohtml wget
horde-gollem pear-Net_Ping wget+ipv6
horde-imp pear-Net_Traceroute wget-devel
horde-php5 pear-PEAR wgetpro
hplip pear-XML_RPC win32-codecs
hsftp pecl-phar wine
htdig peercast wireshark
htmldoc percona-server wireshark-lite
hu-openoffice perdition wordpress
hylafax perl wordpress-mu
i2p perl-threaded wu-ftpd
icecast pgp wu-ftpd+ipv6
icecast2 phoenix wv
icedtea-web php-suhosin wv2
icinga php4 wzdftpd
id3lib php4-cgi x11vnc
ident2 php4-cli xapian-omega
ifmail php4-dba xboing
ikiwiki php4-dtc xchat2
ilohamail php4-gd xdeview
ImageMagick php4-horde xemacs
ImageMagick-nox11 php4-mbstring xemacs-devel
imap-uw php4-nms xemacs-devel-21.5
imlib php4-odbc xemacs-devel-mule
imlib2 php4-session xemacs-mule
imlib2-nox11 php4-shmop xerces-c2
imp php4-wddx xf86-video-openchrome
imwheel php5 xfce4-panel
ingo php5-cgi XFree86-libraries
inn php5-cli XFree86-Server
inn-stable php5-dba xfs
inspircd php5-dtc xine
iodine php5-exif xinetd
ipsec-tools php5-filter xli
ircd-ratbox php5-gd xloadimage
ircd-ratbox-devel php5-horde xlockmore
ircservices php5-imap xmms
irssi php5-mbstring xorg-clients
irssi-devel php5-nms xorg-libraries
isakmpd php5-odbc xorg-server
isc-dhcp php5-session xpcd
isc-dhcp3 php5-shmop xpdf
isc-dhcp3-client php5-sockets xpm
isc-dhcp3-devel php5-sqlite xrdb
isc-dhcp3-relay php5-wddx xshisen
isc-dhcp3-server php5-zip xterm
isc-dhcp30-client php52 xtrlock
isc-dhcp31-client php52-exif xv
isc-dhcp31-server php52-filter xv-m17n
isc-dhcp41-client php52-imap xview
isc-dhcp41-server php52-sqlite xzgv
isc-dhcp42-server php52-zip yahoo-ui
isc-dhcpd php53 yamt
isolate php53-sqlite zabbix
it-openoffice php55 zabbix-agent
iv phpAdsNew zabbix-frontend
ivtools phpbb zabbix2-agent
iw-pine phpgroupware zebra
ja-acroread phpicalendar ZendFramework
ja-bugzilla phpldapadmin zenphoto
ja-gaim phpldapadmin098 zgv
ja-gd phplist zh-cce
ja-groff phpMyAdmin zh-chitex
ja-iv phpmyadmin zh-cle_base
ja-kdelibs phpMyAdmin211 zh-emacs
ja-libimg phpMyAdmin35 zh-irssi
ja-linux-mozillafirebird-gtk1 phpmyfaq zh-mutt
ja-linux-netscape phpnuke zh-mutt-devel
ja-lynx phppgadmin zh-openoffice
ja-mailman phpSysInfo zh-openoffice-CN
ja-mozillafirebird-gtk2 phpwebftp zh-openoffice-TW
ja-mutt picasm zh-phpbb-tw
ja-mutt-devel pidgin zh-pine
ja-netscape-communicator-linux pidgin-otr zh-tin
ja-netscape-navigator-linux pine zh-unrar
ja-netscape7 pine4-ssl zh-unzip
ja-openoffice pivot-weblog zh-wordpress
ja-postgresql pivotx zh-wordpress-zh_CN
ja-ppxp piwigo zh-wordpress-zh_TW
ja-samba piwik zh-xemacs
ja-squirrelmail pkg zh-xemacs-mule
ja-tdiary pkg-devel zh-zhcon
ja-tdiary-devel pl-ekg zh_TW-openoffice
ja-trac pl-openoffice zhCN-linux-mozillafirebird
ja-uim plans zhcon
ja-w3m plib zhTW-linux-mozillafirebird
ja-w3m-img pligg zinf
ja-wordpress plone zip
ja-xlockmore plone3 ziproxy
ja-xv png znc
jabber pngcrush zoo
jabberd polarssl zope
jakarta-tomcat pop3proxy zsync
jasper popfile