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tomcat -- Remote Denial of Service in multiple versions

Affected packages
tomcat85 = 8.5.64
tomcat9 = 9.0.44
10.0.3 <= tomcat10 <= 10.0.4


VuXML ID cc7c85d9-f30a-11eb-b12b-fc4dd43e2b6a
Discovery 2021-03-24
Entry 2021-08-01

rbeaudry reports:

A vulnerability in Apache Tomcat allows an attacker to remotely trigger a denial of service. An error introduced as part of a change to improve error handling during non-blocking I/O meant that the error flag associated with the Request object was not reset between requests. This meant that once a non-blocking I/O error occurred, all future requests handled by that request object would fail. Users were able to trigger non-blocking I/O errors, e.g. by dropping a connection, thereby creating the possibility of triggering a DoS.

Applications that do not use non-blocking I/O are not exposed to this vulnerability. This issue affects Apache Tomcat 10.0.3 to 10.0.4; 9.0.44; 8.5.64.


CVE Name CVE-2021-30639