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Python -- buffer overflow in socket.recvfrom_into()

Affected packages
python27 <= 2.7.6_3
python31 <= 3.1.5_10
python32 <= 3.2.5_7
python33 <= 3.3.3_2


VuXML ID 8e5e6d42-a0fa-11e3-b09a-080027f2d077
Discovery 2014-01-14
Entry 2014-03-01

Vincent Danen via Red Hat Issue Tracker reports:

A vulnerability was reported in Python's socket module, due to a boundary error within the sock_recvfrom_into() function, which could be exploited to cause a buffer overflow. This could be used to crash a Python application that uses the socket.recvfrom_info() function or, possibly, execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the user running vulnerable Python code.

This vulnerable function, socket.recvfrom_into(), was introduced in Python 2.5. Earlier versions are not affected by this flaw.


Bugtraq ID 65379
CVE Name CVE-2014-1912