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Grafana -- Email verification is not required after email change

Affected packages
grafana < 9.5.16
10.0.0 <= grafana < 10.0.11
10.1.0 <= grafana < 10.1.7
10.2.0 <= grafana < 10.2.4
10.3.0 <= grafana < 10.3.3
grafana9 < 9.5.16
grafana10 < 10.0.11
10.1.0 <= grafana10 < 10.1.7
10.2.0 <= grafana10 < 10.2.4
10.3.0 <= grafana10 < 10.3.3


VuXML ID 6a851dc0-cfd2-11ee-ac09-6c3be5272acd
Discovery 2023-11-10
Entry 2024-02-20

Grafana Labs reports:

The vulnerability impacts instances where Grafana basic authentication is enabled.

Grafana has a verify_email_enabled configuration option. When this option is enabled, users are required to confirm their email addresses before the sign-up process is complete. However, the email is only checked at the time of the sign-up. No further verification is carried out if a user’s email address is updated after the initial sign-up. Moreover, Grafana allows using an email address as the user’s login name, and no verification is ever carried out for this email address.

This means that even if the verify_email_enabled configuration option is enabled, users can use unverified email addresses to log into Grafana if the email address has been changed after the sign up, or if an email address is set as the login name.

The CVSS score for this vulnerability is [5.4 Medium] (CVSS).


CVE Name CVE-2023-6152