FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

Gitlab -- Multiple Vulnerabilities

Affected packages
15.10.0 <= gitlab-ce < 15.10.1
15.9.0 <= gitlab-ce < 15.9.4
8.1 <= gitlab-ce < 15.8.5


VuXML ID 54006796-cf7b-11ed-a5d5-001b217b3468
Discovery 2023-03-30
Entry 2023-03-31

Gitlab reports:

Cross-site scripting in "Maximum page reached" page

Private project guests can read new changes using a fork

Mirror repository error reveals password in Settings UI

DOS and high resource consumption of Prometheus server through abuse of Prometheus integration proxy endpoint

Unauthenticated users can view Environment names from public projects limited to project members only

Copying information to the clipboard could lead to the execution of unexpected commands

Maintainer can leak masked webhook secrets by adding a new parameter to the webhook URL

Arbitrary HTML injection possible when :soft_email_confirmation feature flag is enabled in the latest release

Framing of arbitrary content (leading to open redirects) on any page allowing user controlled markdown

MR for security reports are available to everyone

API timeout when searching for group issues

Unauthorised user can add child epics linked to victim's epic in an unrelated group

GitLab search allows to leak internal notes

Ambiguous branch name exploitation in GitLab

Improper permissions checks for moving an issue

Private project branches names can be leaked through a fork


CVE Name CVE-2022-3375
CVE Name CVE-2022-3513
CVE Name CVE-2023-0155
CVE Name CVE-2023-0319
CVE Name CVE-2023-0450
CVE Name CVE-2023-0485
CVE Name CVE-2023-0523
CVE Name CVE-2023-0838
CVE Name CVE-2023-1071
CVE Name CVE-2023-1098
CVE Name CVE-2023-1167
CVE Name CVE-2023-1417
CVE Name CVE-2023-1708
CVE Name CVE-2023-1710
CVE Name CVE-2023-1733