FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

sysutils/openzfs-kmod -- critical permissions issues

Affected packages
openzfs-kmod < 2020081800


VuXML ID 2ed7e8db-e234-11ea-9392-002590bc43be
Discovery 2020-08-13
Entry 2020-08-20

Andrew Walker reports:

Issue 1:

Users are always granted permissions to cd into a directory. The check for whether execute is present on directories is a de-facto no-op. This cannot be mitigated without upgrading. Even setting an explicit "deny - execute" NFSv4 ACE will be bypassed.

Issue 2:

All ACEs for the owner_group (group@) and regular groups (group:<foo>) are granted the current user. This means that POSIX mode 770 is de-facto 777, and the below ACL is also de-facto 777 because the groupmember check for builtin_administrators returns True.

root@TESTBOX[~]# getfacl testfile
# file: testfile
# owner: root
# group: wheel


FreeBSD PR ports/248787