FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

Gitlab -- Multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
15.5.0 <= gitlab-ce < 15.5.2
15.4.0 <= gitlab-ce < 15.4.4
9.3.0 <= gitlab-ce < 15.3.5


VuXML ID 16f7ec68-5cce-11ed-9be7-454b1dd82c64
Discovery 2022-11-02
Entry 2022-11-05

Gitlab reports:

DAST analyzer sends custom request headers with every request

Stored-XSS with CSP-bypass via scoped labels' color

Maintainer can leak Datadog API key by changing integration URL

Uncontrolled resource consumption when parsing URLs

Issue HTTP requests when users view an OpenAPI document and click buttons

Command injection in CI jobs via branch name in CI pipelines

Open redirection

Prefill variables do not check permission of the project in external CI config

Disclosure of audit events to insufficiently permissioned group and project members

Arbitrary GFM references rendered in Jira issue description leak private/confidential resources

Award emojis API for an internal note is accessible to users without access to the note

Open redirect in pipeline artifacts when generating HTML documents

Retrying a job in a downstream pipeline allows the retrying user to take ownership of the retried jobs in upstream pipelines

Project-level Secure Files can be written out of the target directory


CVE Name CVE-2022-2251
CVE Name CVE-2022-2761
CVE Name CVE-2022-3265
CVE Name CVE-2022-3280
CVE Name CVE-2022-3413
CVE Name CVE-2022-3483
CVE Name CVE-2022-3486
CVE Name CVE-2022-3706
CVE Name CVE-2022-3726
CVE Name CVE-2022-3767
CVE Name CVE-2022-3793
CVE Name CVE-2022-3818
CVE Name CVE-2022-3819