FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

Gitlab -- Vulnerabilities

Affected packages
16.2.0 <= gitlab-ce < 16.2.2
16.1.0 <= gitlab-ce < 16.1.3
9.3.0 <= gitlab-ce < 16.0.8


VuXML ID fa239535-30f6-11ee-aef9-001b217b3468
Discovery 2023-08-01
Entry 2023-08-02

Gitlab reports:

ReDoS via ProjectReferenceFilter in any Markdown fields

ReDoS via AutolinkFilter in any Markdown fields

Regex DoS in Harbor Registry search

Arbitrary read of files owned by the "git" user via malicious tar.gz file upload using GitLab export functionality

Stored XSS in Web IDE Beta via crafted URL

securityPolicyProjectAssign mutation does not authorize security policy project ID

An attacker can run pipeline jobs as arbitrary user

Possible Pages Unique Domain Overwrite

Access tokens may have been logged when a query was made to an endpoint

Reflected XSS via PlantUML diagram

The main branch of a repository with a specially designed name may allow an attacker to create repositories with malicious code

Invalid 'start_sha' value on merge requests page may lead to Denial of Service

Developers can create pipeline schedules on protected branches even if they don't have access to merge

Potential DOS due to lack of pagination while loading license data

Leaking emails of newly created users


CVE Name CVE-2023-0632
CVE Name CVE-2023-1210
CVE Name CVE-2023-2022
CVE Name CVE-2023-2164
CVE Name CVE-2023-3364
CVE Name CVE-2023-3385
CVE Name CVE-2023-3401
CVE Name CVE-2023-3500
CVE Name CVE-2023-3900
CVE Name CVE-2023-3993
CVE Name CVE-2023-3994
CVE Name CVE-2023-4002
CVE Name CVE-2023-4008
CVE Name CVE-2023-4011