FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

MySQL -- Multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
mysql-connector-java < 8.0.33
mysql-client57 < 5.7.42
mysql-server57 < 5.7.42
mysql-client80 < 8.0.33
mysql-server80 < 8.0.33


VuXML ID f504a8d2-e105-11ed-85f6-84a93843eb75
Discovery 2023-04-19
Entry 2023-04-22
Modified 2023-04-22

Oracle reports:

This Critical Patch Update contains 34 new security patches, plus additional third party patches noted below, for Oracle MySQL. 11 of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials.


CVE Name CVE-2022-37434
CVE Name CVE-2023-21911
CVE Name CVE-2023-21912
CVE Name CVE-2023-21913
CVE Name CVE-2023-21917
CVE Name CVE-2023-21919
CVE Name CVE-2023-21920
CVE Name CVE-2023-21929
CVE Name CVE-2023-21933
CVE Name CVE-2023-21935
CVE Name CVE-2023-21940
CVE Name CVE-2023-21945
CVE Name CVE-2023-21946
CVE Name CVE-2023-21947
CVE Name CVE-2023-21953
CVE Name CVE-2023-21955
CVE Name CVE-2023-21962
CVE Name CVE-2023-21963
CVE Name CVE-2023-21966
CVE Name CVE-2023-21971
CVE Name CVE-2023-21972
CVE Name CVE-2023-21976
CVE Name CVE-2023-21977
CVE Name CVE-2023-21980
CVE Name CVE-2023-21982