FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

libexif -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
libexif < 0.6.22


VuXML ID cff0b2e2-0716-11eb-9e5d-08002728f74c
Discovery 2020-05-18
Entry 2020-10-05

Release notes:

Lots of fixes exposed by fuzzers like AFL, ClusterFuzz, OSSFuzz and others:

CVE-2016-6328: fixed integer overflow when parsing maker notes

CVE-2017-7544: fixed buffer overread

CVE-2018-20030: Fix for recursion DoS

CVE-2019-9278: replaced integer overflow checks the compiler could optimize away by safer constructs

CVE-2020-0093: read overflow

CVE-2020-12767: fixed division by zero

CVE-2020-13112: Various buffer overread fixes due to integer overflows in maker notes

CVE-2020-13113: Potential use of uninitialized memory

CVE-2020-13114: Time consumption DoS when parsing canon array markers


URL CVE-2016-6328
URL CVE-2017-7544
URL CVE-2018-20030
URL CVE-2019-9278
URL CVE-2020-0093
URL CVE-2020-12767
URL CVE-2020-13112
URL CVE-2020-13113
URL CVE-2020-13114