FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

FreeBSD -- bhyveload(8) host file access

Affected packages
14.0 <= FreeBSD < 14.0_5
13.2 <= FreeBSD < 13.2_10


VuXML ID c62285cb-cb46-11ee-b609-002590c1f29c
Discovery 2024-02-14
Entry 2024-02-14

Problem Description:

`bhyveload -h <host-path>` may be used to grant loader access to the <host-path> directory tree on the host. Affected versions of bhyveload(8) do not make any attempt to restrict loader's access to <host-path>, allowing the loader to read any file the host user has access to.


In the bhyveload(8) model, the host supplies a to boot with, but the loader scripts generally come from the guest image. A maliciously crafted script could be used to exfiltrate sensitive data from the host accessible to the user running bhyhveload(8), which is often the system root.


CVE Name CVE-2024-25940
FreeBSD Advisory SA-24:01.bhyveload