FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

emacs -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
emacs < 28.2_3,3
emacs-canna < 28.2_3,3
emacs-nox < 28.2_3,3
emacs-devel <,3
emacs-devel-nox <,3


VuXML ID a75929bd-b6a4-11ed-bad6-080027f5fec9
Discovery 2022-12-06
Entry 2023-02-27

Xi Lu reports:

GNU Emacs through 28.2 allows attackers to execute commands via shell metacharacters in the name of a source-code file, because lib-src/etags.c uses the system C library function in its implementation of the etags program. For example, a victim may use the "etags -u *" command (suggested in the etags documentation) in a situation where the current working directory has contents that depend on untrusted input.
An issue was discovered in GNU Emacs through 28.2. In ruby-mode.el, the ruby-find-library-file function has a local command injection vulnerability. The ruby-find-library-file function is an interactive function, and bound to C-c C-f. Inside the function, the external command gem is called through shell-command-to-string, but the feature-name parameters are not escaped. Thus, malicious Ruby source files may cause commands to be executed.
An issue was discovered in GNU Emacs through 28.2. htmlfontify.el has a command injection vulnerability. In the hfy-istext-command function, the parameter file and parameter srcdir come from external input, and parameters are not escaped. If a file name or directory name contains shell metacharacters, code may be executed.


CVE Name CVE-2022-48337
CVE Name CVE-2022-48338
CVE Name CVE-2022-48339