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ruby -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
2.2.0 <= ruby < 2.2.8
2.3.0 <= ruby < 2.3.5
2.4.0 <= ruby < 2.4.2


VuXML ID 95b01379-9d52-11e7-a25c-471bafc3262f
Discovery 2017-09-14
Entry 2017-09-19

Ruby blog:

CVE-2017-0898: Buffer underrun vulnerability in Kernel.sprintf

If a malicious format string which contains a precious specifier (*) is passed and a huge minus value is also passed to the specifier, buffer underrun may be caused. In such situation, the result may contains heap, or the Ruby interpreter may crash.

CVE-2017-10784: Escape sequence injection vulnerability in the Basic authentication of WEBrick

When using the Basic authentication of WEBrick, clients can pass an arbitrary string as the user name. WEBrick outputs the passed user name intact to its log, then an attacker can inject malicious escape sequences to the log and dangerous control characters may be executed on a victim’s terminal emulator.

This vulnerability is similar to a vulnerability already fixed, but it had not been fixed in the Basic authentication.

CVE-2017-14033: Buffer underrun vulnerability in OpenSSL ASN1 decode

If a malicious string is passed to the decode method of OpenSSL::ASN1, buffer underrun may be caused and the Ruby interpreter may crash.

CVE-2017-14064: Heap exposure vulnerability in generating JSON

The generate method of JSON module optionally accepts an instance of JSON::Ext::Generator::State class. If a malicious instance is passed, the result may include contents of heap.


CVE Name CVE-2017-0898
CVE Name CVE-2017-10784
CVE Name CVE-2017-14033
CVE Name CVE-2017-14064