FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

chromium -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
chromium < 54.0.2840.59
chromium-npapi < 54.0.2840.59
chromium-pulse < 54.0.2840.59


VuXML ID 9118961b-9fa5-11e6-a265-3065ec8fd3ec
Discovery 2016-10-12
Entry 2016-10-31

Google Chrome Releases reports:

21 security fixes in this release, including:


CVE Name CVE-2016-5181
CVE Name CVE-2016-5182
CVE Name CVE-2016-5183
CVE Name CVE-2016-5184
CVE Name CVE-2016-5185
CVE Name CVE-2016-5186
CVE Name CVE-2016-5187
CVE Name CVE-2016-5188
CVE Name CVE-2016-5189
CVE Name CVE-2016-5190
CVE Name CVE-2016-5191
CVE Name CVE-2016-5192
CVE Name CVE-2016-5193
CVE Name CVE-2016-5194