FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

subversion -- Arbitrary code execution vulnerability

Affected packages
1.9.0 <= subversion <= 1.9.6
1.0.0 <= subversion18 <= 1.8.18
1.0.0 <= subversion-static <= 1.8.18
1.9.0 <= subversion-static <= 1.9.6


VuXML ID 6e80bd9b-7e9b-11e7-abfe-90e2baa3bafc
Discovery 2017-08-10
Entry 2017-08-11

subversion team reports:

A Subversion client sometimes connects to URLs provided by the repository. This happens in two primary cases: during 'checkout', 'export', 'update', and 'switch', when the tree being downloaded contains svn:externals properties; and when using 'svnsync sync' with one URL argument.

A maliciously constructed svn+ssh:// URL would cause Subversion clients to run an arbitrary shell command. Such a URL could be generated by a malicious server, by a malicious user committing to a honest server (to attack another user of that server's repositories), or by a proxy server.

The vulnerability affects all clients, including those that use file://, http://, and plain (untunneled) svn://.

An exploit has been tested.