FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

ghostscript -- exploitable buffer overflow in (T)BCP in PS interpreter

Affected packages
ghostscript < 10.01.1
ghostscript7-base < 10.01.1
ghostscript7-commfont < 10.01.1
ghostscript7-jpnfont < 10.01.1
ghostscript7-korfont < 10.01.1
ghostscript7-x11 < 10.01.1
ghostscript8-base < 10.01.1
ghostscript8-x11 < 10.01.1
ghostscript9-agpl-base < 9.56.1_10


VuXML ID 25872b25-da2d-11ed-b715-a1e76793953b
Discovery 2023-03-23
Entry 2023-04-13
Modified 2023-04-28 reports:

In Artifex Ghostscript through 10.01.0, there is a buffer overflow leading to potential corruption of data internal to the PostScript interpreter, in base/sbcp.c. This affects BCPEncode, BCPDecode, TBCPEncode, and TBCPDecode. If the write buffer is filled to one byte less than full, and one then tries to write an escaped character, two bytes are written.


CVE Name CVE-2023-28879