FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

jenkins -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
jenkins < 2.245
jenkins-lts < 2.235.2


VuXML ID 1ddab5cb-14c9-4632-959f-802c412a9593
Discovery 2020-07-15
Entry 2020-07-15

Jenkins Security Advisory:


(High) SECURITY-1868 / CVE-2020-2220

Stored XSS vulnerability in job build time trend

(High) SECURITY-1901 / CVE-2020-2221

Stored XSS vulnerability in upstream cause

(High) SECURITY-1902 / CVE-2020-2222

Stored XSS vulnerability in 'keep forever' badge icons

(High) SECURITY-1945 / CVE-2020-2223

Stored XSS vulnerability in console links


CVE Name CVE-2020-2220
CVE Name CVE-2020-2221
CVE Name CVE-2020-2222
CVE Name CVE-2020-2223