FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

phpbb -- multiple information disclosure vulnerabilities

Affected packages
phpbb < 2.0.12


VuXML ID 03653079-8594-11d9-afa0-003048705d5a
Discovery 2005-02-22
Entry 2005-02-23
Modified 2005-02-25

psoTFX reports:

phpBB Group are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 2.0.12 the "Horray for Furrywood" release. This release addresses a number of bugs and a couple of potential exploits. [...] one of the potential exploits addressed in this release could be serious in certain situations and thus we urge all users, as always, to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. Mostly this release is concerned with eliminating disclosures of information which while useful in debug situations may allow third parties to gain information which could be used to do harm via unknown or unfixed exploits in this or other applications.

The ChangeLog for phpBB 2.0.12 states:


FreeBSD PR ports/77943